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Other Facilities


Drinking water is available for both caravans and cruisers.  It may also be used for washing boats, but there may be a charge for this facility.  Cars MUST NOT be washed.  Wyre Mill Club water is metered therefore it must not be wasted.



A power circuit is provided for both Cruisers and Caravans.  Each outlet is protected by an individual residual circuit breaker and overload device.  This supply is limited.  An annual facility charge for this service is made together with the normal usage charge.



Various functions are arranged from time to time of which members are advised.  There is a built in skittle alley and away matches are arranged.  There is also a dance floor that can be put down for events. See the notice board for the person responsible.



The grounds are patrolled regularly and remotely monitored by CCTV.  It is however the responsibility of the owners of any property on the Club grounds to ensure that their security measures, together with insurance cover, is adequate.  The Club cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damager to the property of an individual.


Community/Picnic Room

Together with the adjacent kitchen and fridge, this is available for Members’ general use.



This is either put out to tender and done by a contractor or done by volunteers.  Ropes etc. must not be allowed to interfere with the mowing.


Chemical Toilets

These must be emptied in the place provided at the tip out by the carpark next to the garage.


Calor Gas

Stocks are held on the premises and can be purchased from the Steward.



In any trade or profession are always most welcome.  Anything done ‘in house’ saves us money and provides a better Club.  You can do as much or as little as you like.  Have a word with a Committee Member.





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